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World Cup Hockey

The Beginning

                              trophyThe Hockey world Cup was initiated in 1971. The idea of holding a World Cup for Hockey was first conceived by Pakistan’s Air Marshal Noor Khan and the first attempt in this direction was made in 1969 when a joint appeal by India and Pakistan was made to the FIH in Paris on March 30, 1969 to organise a separate World Cup for Hockey. The FIH accepted the suggestion and appointed a 8-member panel to work out the feasibility of the proposal. Seven months later the panel submitted its report and suggested to hold a World Cup competition once in every two years. Then the FIH decided to hold the first World Cup in Pakistan and Lahore was chosen the venue for the event.

                             The World Cup trophy was donated by Pakistan’s Hockey Federation. This glittering trophy was designed by Bashir Moojid and created by the corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the Pakistan Army. The trophy consists of 895 grams gold, 6815 grams silver, 350 grams ivory and 3500grams teakwood and stands 650mm when mounted on its ivory base.ajitpal4

                           Due to political unrest in Pakistan, the FIH shifted the inaugural World Cup to Barcelona, Spain. Ten countries took part in the World Cup and Pakistan became the first World champion, defeating Spain in the final.

                               The first three World Cups were held at an interval of two years. On September 29, 1974 a decision was taken to hold the tournament at four years intervals after the scheduled WC in 1975 but later FIH permitted Argentina to organise 4th WC event in 1978 as the nation was celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence that year. Thereafter, the tournament has been held every four years.

… by Arun Arnaw Khare


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